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different farming teaching  Tech Farmer Experience

Organizer Green Oni by Technology Agriculture Association

We have co-organized different hydroponic cultivation courses with the Association of Science and Technology Agriculture (ASA)

You who want to learn about hydroponics, learn how to grow hydroponics, or even DIY a hydroponics system at home

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Professionals in the industry give lectures, and the total length of the lecture is about 60 minutes. The content of the lectures will be changed according to the degree, which is suitable for different people.

Number of people: unlimited
Suitable age: any person
Classes: 1 class
Each class time: about 90 minutes


"Food farming" education is an experiential education that emphasizes "doing it yourself". It is not only superficially learning the knowledge of hydroponics, but more importantly, being able to understand the source of food, and cultivate and learn respect and gratitude for food, farmers and the environment. Participate in the complete process of agricultural products from planting, care to cooking, and develop simple farming and food skills.

Number of people: 20 or more
Suitable age: over 10 years old
Number of classes: from 4
Each class time: about 90 minutes

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