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  • 1 stickEC measuring pen, seeds (random type), 1 pack of planting cotton, planting basket
  • 1 sprout tray
  • Hydroponic fruit and vegetable nutrient solution A+B (for leafy vegetables) 100mL 1 each
  • Send a one-time door-to-door teaching

AM4 Smart Hydroponic Planting Stand

HK$11,500.00 Regular Price
HK$10,350.00Sale Price
  • For pre-order products, the delivery period is 14-21 working days after payment

    4-layer intelligent hydroponic planting frame, scientific spectrum and water cycle design. You can use the light touch panel or connect to the wechat program to control the switching time of lights, water pumps and fans. Each floor has an independent fan for better air circulation.

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