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[Following machine accessories]

  • Water pump with transparent water pipe
  • HORfi host, filter cotton, oxygen adapter
  • Suction hand pump, planting cotton, biological ring

*The detailed instructions can be downloaded here *

HORfi's simple fish and planting cohabitation

  • product description:

    The exquisite appearance and the design of the suspension cover greatly increase the space for small fish to move, and it is different from the traditional aquarium or potted care. It is suitable for busy urbanites to grow healthily without taking care of the plants.


    • Submersible pump design greatly reduces noise problems
    • The structure is easy to install and use, and the appearance is simple
    • The fish tank is made of environmentally friendly material polyacid ester
    • The suspension cover can balance the water level of the system, and the fish can move freely in it
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